MFMHP Controlling for Hope

by Janelle on March 8, 2012

Our third class led us into cultural ideas of health, the ethics of medication and the allowance of a broader spectrum of feelings. We explored the idea that therapy gives patients an “experience” of their intrinsic health and to medicate or to alleviate symptoms before a reverence and understanding for them is developed is cheating our patients from this experience. We noticed how it can be desirable to reduce suffering in our patients as a means of creating comfort for ourselves. We explored how each of us related to meditation as a practice that is increasing our ability to be with our own suffering and with others’ in a more spacious and less emergent manner.

We came into contact with the contemplative notion of “exchange” through and experiential exercise with one another.

For our fourth and final class we will further explore the clinical applications of “exchange”, “pratityasamutpada”, “tong len” and psychosis from a contemplative perspective. The following readings will prepare us and help in the continuity of this exploration.

Touch and Go in Clinical Practice
Dependent Coarising
Hatred of Health
Body Speech Mind

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