The period of pregnancy and childbirth is a rite of passage into conscious adulthood. It is a physical, psychological and emotional journey that has the potential to open one to new ways of loving and living. It can also bring unresolved past issues to the surface giving both mother and partner an opportunity to heal and grow by identifying and strengthening inner resources. Conscious awareness around one’s needs and desires during this time can help set the tone for a safe and satisfying birth and parenting experience.

Janelle is trained as a doula, or birth assistant, she offers unique psychotherapy services to women who are working with infertility issues, grief and loss, and postpartum adjustments and offers couples counseling for birth preparation and postpartum concerns. She is the co-founder of Mindful Birthing (a class for expectant mothers and partners) and is developing a Conscious Parenting course.


The link between stress and infertility is well recognized. Janelle offers yoga and deep relaxation, along with a supportive and safe environment to process thoughts and emotions related to infertility.

Postpartum Adjustment

Integrating a new person into one’s family can bring up many new thoughts and feelings. The postpartum time (duration is unique to each family) is a sacred time ripe with opportunities to develop compassion and gain self awareness. It can also be a time full of uncertainty and overwhelm. Individual and/or couples counseling can be beneficial in sifting through and integrating the thoughts and feelings associated with one’s pregnancy and birth experience, the change of identity (whether it’s your first or fifth child) and other issues that are unique to the postpartum period. Janelle has specialized experience in working mindfully with anxiety and depression connected to the newness of motherhood.


Janelle is also a trained birth and postpartum doula, however, she is currently not taking new birth doula clients.