Authentic Movement is a therapeutic practice that invites the individual to develop and explore a relationship between many aspects of self through natural movement. In a safe space the individual closes the eyes and then waits for the impulse to move. This impulse may be a response to emotions, memories, bodily sensations, curiosity, and/or images – no matter. It always opens a doorway into the inner landscape, the world of the psyche. As these responses manifest through the body’s innate wisdom, they are compassionately witnessed and carefully tracked by the therapist. Fresh perspectives, ripe images, and things long forgotten surface and are illuminated through this intuitive movement of matter. Body awareness, confidence, compassion and a sense of wakefulness often grow quite naturally from this practice.

Janelle offers Authentic Movement as an individual and group process. In individual work, old patterns organized in mind and body can be liberated and relationships strengthened. Group work further explores the development of empathy and one’s sense of place within the human community.

Authentic Movement is a transformative practice rooted in Jungian depth psychology, somatic psychotherapy, active imagination and dance. Unconscious material is made manifest through the body and is witnessed. This witnessing, along with one’s own interpretations, initiates insight and healing. Authentic Movement be applied in psychotherapy, as an extension of one’s creative process, or as a meditation. Therapists, healers, artists, educators or anyone striving to gain an embodied understanding of how feelings and thoughts move and change will benefit from this rich practice. Absolutely no dance experience or training of any kind is required, only a willingness to open to the unknown with empathy and respect.