Psychotherapy and yoga are different forms of psychological exploration, but share the belief that negative patterns can be unraveled through a relationship with the present moment. Each process has the potential to illuminate how an individual gets stuck in conditioned mind and habitual bodily patterns that create suffering and disease. Each process guides the individual through the psychosomatic terrain – through the “stuck” places and into those moments of freshness and openness. These moments are the seeds of intrinsic sanity, basic goodness, and promise a felt sense of freedom and integration.

Janelle uses yogic principles in her psychotherapy practice. At times she will introduce breathing, meditative and physical techniques that she feels will be helpful to her clients overall well being, as a an area of exploration in working with symptoms or as a means to communicate directly with the physical body.

As an experienced yoga teacher Janelle often helps her students investigate the dialogue between their physical yoga practice and psychological landscape. She compassionately and skillfully assists students in bringing their awareness to the habits of the mind that arise as the physical body is moved and explored. This integration allows for transformational experiences.