Janelle Railey’s fundamental approach to treatment is based in mindfulness of relationships: the relationships of psyche and body, therapist and client, client and self, and self and world. Grounded in Contemplative Psychotherapy, somatic and Jungian theories, her approach is in-depth, process-oriented and responsive to the unique situation of each individual.

Janelle focuses on intrinsic sanity rather than pathology and assists her clients in strengthening their ability to listen to the connection between body and mind, to develop insight, and to unravel repetitive patterns that obscure psychological wellness. She helps her clients investigate both the somatic and psychosomatic organization of their presenting issues. Janelle views each therapy session as a unique opportunity to assist and witness her clients in becoming more fully themselves. Her treatment is integrated and personalized. She wholeheartedly believes in the immeasurable healing potential of embodiment and the unconscious mind, and, through creative methods, helps bring this potential to fruition with each of her clients. Sometimes she will help a client explore the past and its influence on the present. Sometimes she and her client will reveal meaningful imagery and metaphor through the exploration of dreams or guided visualization. Sometimes she will assist her client in literally moving the body to facilitate the development of embodied consciousness. At other times, she may instruct a client in techniques that will bring more mindful awareness to their bodies and minds, reducing painful and disruptive symptoms. Therapy with Janelle will never feel prescriptive or rote.

Janelle works with people with all presenting issues and symptoms. She also offers unique services to women undergoing childbearing transitions related to fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum and menopause.