“Buddhist psychology is based on the notion that human beings are fundamentally good. Their most basic qualities are positive ones: openness, intelligence and warmth.”

– Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

Most people come to therapy because of pain, confusion and/or a desire to understand oneself. Contemplative Psychotherapy is rooted in the idea that when viewed with a sense of curiosity and openness (as opposed to a dualistic sense of right/wrong, good/bad, like/dislike, etc.), our symptoms and problems become workable and can lead us to important insights into the nature of our humanity. As a psychotherapist with contemplative training, Janelle acts as a compassionate and gentle guide in the cultivation of self awareness. This awareness can create an experience where one can truly know their inherent wisdom and, in turn, unravel repetitive patterns of mind that are no longer beneficial.

A contemplative therapist is trained in contemporary psychology as well as Buddhist psychology, merging the exceptional offerings of both western and eastern approaches to mental health. A unique quality of this blend is that it requires that the clinician investigate her own internal landscape and come to a depth of self awareness, acceptance and compassion so that she can be a clear mirror for her clients. This awareness is facilitated through rigorous self-study, academic work and a sitting meditation practice.